Premier Inn Havant Contact Phone Number

Premier Inn Havant Contact Phone Number 0870 653 4410

Premier Inn Havant Contact Phone Number 0870 653 4410. Calls to 0870 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your network operators access charge. However, many networks both UK landline and mobiles include 0870 numbers in their free minute bundles. Please check with your provider.  Please note the company listed here may use a Freefone or 01,02,03 number which you can check on their website. Handy Phone Numbers are an information service only. We have no connection with any of the companies listed on this website.

Locating both national and local telephone numbers of companies, whose numbers are often difficult to find.

In many cases, we have replaced the companies 0871 and 0844 number with a standard 01, 02, 03 number.

Where we are unable to list standard numbers we use 0845 and 0870 numbers. Check with your network operator, you may well get FREE INCLUSIVE MINUTES to 0870 and 0845 Telephone numbers

Many network operators now include 0845 and 0870 numbers in their FREE minute bundles. Otherwise, calls to 0845 numbers are charged at 7p per minute plus your network operators access charge and 13p per minute to 0870 numbers plus your network operators charges .

Why use our service and not any of the 118 services?  The number we provide is connected directly to the company you wish to call.

Your call is not answered by an operator who then gives you the number or tries to connect your call.

Thank you for visiting our website and please do not hesitate to contact us for any numbers not featured on our website.

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Premier Inn  Website

Premier Inn Havant Contact Phone Number

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