How Can I make free International Calls ?

How Can I make free International Calls ? Many UK landline and mobile networks now include 0845 and 0870 phone numbers as part of their free minute call allowances. So you can use our 0845 and 0870 access numbers,  to make free international  calls. Many countries are worldwide. If you are not sure, just check with your provider. It is worth remembering that many networks offer this facility as a  “bolt-on” for a very small supplement.

How does it work?

Firstly, check on our website, if the country you wish to call is listed. If it is, great. So as an example, lets say you get 0845 numbers as part of your free minutes and you want to call American Samoa ,  firstly dial our access number 0845 032 0038, at the prompt, enter the number overseas you wish to call including country code i.e 001 followed by the rest of the number, followed by the # key. Its that simple  Don’t worry if your country is not listed, Bluewater Telecom have very cheap international calls using 0844 or 0871 numbers and again these numbers could be part of free minute allowance, although they tend to be more for business tariffs.

Having difficulty finding a customer service phone number? We have a free directory enquiries service, where your call is routed directly to the company you are calling